Levine Lab

Physical Systems Biology


An animal’s response to environmental changes, establishment of infection, embryonic development, tissue regeneration - these are all dynamical systems. Can we learn the properties of biological systems from their dynamical attributes?

To do that we develop theoretical approaches (based on statistical and non-linear physics), computational tools (from bioinformatics to hybrid simulations), as well as transformative imaging and experimental techniques.

Our lab is part of the stimulating intellectual environment of the Department of Physics and Center for Systems Biology at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University.


BioDynamics across scales

Our Lab is in Northwest Building, Room 256
52 Oxford St, Cambridge MA 02138
Tel. 617-496-3447

Erel Levine’s office is Lyman 341
Tel. 617-495-3735

Erel’s walk-in hour is Wednesdays at 6pm in his office. If you are interested in what we do, a student in one of my classes, or just want to talk about science, see yourself invited.